This list contains all known alternative parts which can be used on a Tatra T603 when you are unable to find the original parts. These alternative parts come from other cars or are available as standard parts or repair kits. A third option is to overhaul the old parts from your car. Even when this is not possible never throw your old parts away. They can either be useful in the future or can be much appreciated by another Tatra owner. The list of alternative parts is still growing as sources for original Tatra parts are drying up and owners have to become more creative to keep their cars on the road. If you know of an alternative spare part for a Tatra - T603 or any other model - or have found an error on these pages please let me know! Please note the International Streamlined Tatra Site can not guarantee these parts will fit. Schnittbild


The T603-1 and T603-2 up to production year 1967 are fitted with drum brakes. The later generation T603-2 from 1967 to 1975 is fitted with disc brakes. Detailed information below.

From 1967 to 1975 the T603-2 was fitted with disc brakes, which were British Dunlops built under license by the Czech company Autobrzdy Jablonec, N.P. Several parts of the brakes used on the T603-2 are exchangeable with British parts used on Jaguars from 1965 to 1968 (see information below).


a well fitting alternative for the flexible front brake hoses is available from Lucas Girling GHP730. Alternatively the brake hoses of the T603-2 are almost identical to those of the Datsun Cherry 100A and 120A Saloon, Coupe and Estate (1971 to 1977), available from Lucas Girling GHP151 (a minor difference is that the groove for the locking plate isn't quite as deep as on the original). You can also consider having new brake hoses made, using the original as a sample, which isn't very expensive;


these are available as standard Girling repair kits, order numbers SP2565 (front) and SP2775 (rear), but these kits are often very expensive and/or have had a long shelf life. A good alternative is to ask a well stocked brake repair shop to look for other fitting rubber seals and dust covers. My local brake repair shop found very cheap alternatives for me with fitting seals and made standard dust covers to fit;


these can be replaced by front brake pads of the Jaguar 420G. An alternative is to make other similar brake pads to fit or see of you can find a company that can fit new friction material on your old Tatra brake pads;


these should be exchangeable with those of an early Jaguar XJ6 (except for the pistons!). An alternative is to make other similar brake pads to fit or see of you can find a company that can fit new friction material on your old Tatra brake pads;


these are identical to those of the Jaguar MK10 and Jaguar 420G front disc brakes. Several companies can manufacture these pistons new from stainless steel (the originals are made from chromium plated steel and can be effected by rust). The cheapest I could find are $37.00 each, replacement brake caliper pistons, manufactured new from 303 stainless steel with center less ground and micro finish by John Farell Auto Parts in the USA (Note: these pistons don't have the centering mechanism, although John can do this for $8.00 extra). All pistons are in stock for immediate shipping worldwide from John Farell Auto Parts, 57D Alder Street, West Babylon, New York 11704, USA, phone: +1 631 454 7977 or +1 800 454 7977, fax: +1 631 694 7217, john.farrell@gte.net, www.jfarrellauto.com. Ordering information: Part US number: 64328332, make: Dunlop, diameter 2.250„ (57.15 mm), style: G, Most common applications: Jaguar MK10, 420G (and Tatra T603-2 front!), etc., price: $37.00, click here for the direct link to stainless steel brake caliper pistons. John Farell can also deliver the brake repair kits SP2565 from Girling for $65.00 and SP2775 from an aftermarket brand kit for $61.50;


these have the same diameter (44.4 mm) as the rear brake pistons of a Skoda 100 (until production year 1976), but beware that the height is different (see picture below with original Tatra piston on left and Skoda piston on right - the red line indicates the difference in height). The mechanic in my local brake repair shop said that this could cause leakage and even cause the brakes to fail. I decided to have new stainless steel pistons made, which is probably the best option as they can't be effected by rust either;


this can be replaced by one manufactured by CI Electrical Components, part number XBLS31. The switch is located behind the glass fiber plate or mat behind the pedals;


the brake servo fitted on the T603-2 with disc brakes (1967-1975) is identical to the brake servo which was fitted on the Skoda S1203 van (1970-1986). The only small differences are alterations on parts 42, 43 and 49 (see exploded view below), but this causes no problems with fitting the servo on a T603-2. A Czech friend of mine can obtain renovated S1203 servos. If you're interested please let me know. NOTE: The brake servo on the T603 is accessible through the inspection hatch behind the rear bench in the passenger compartment. The brake servo is mounted on the left hand side and is connected to the car body by three nuts (one on the rear and two on the Bremskraftverstärker


Carburetors of a French Ford Vedette or the 6-cylinder Citroen 15 Traction Avant will fit on the intake manifold.


Replacements for the chrome stripes around the windows are very hard to find, but an option is to use the plastic chrome stripes of a Ford Taunus or Renault 12.



the clutch master cylinder can be replaced by brake master cylinder (19 mm bore) of the Tatra T603-2 with disc brakes (1967-1975);


the clutch plate can be replaced by a clutch plate of the BMW 320 (1978-1980), manufacturer Borg & Beck, order number K1817.



the contacts of the distributor can be replaced by those of a Skoda 105-120 (but don't set them any wider than 0,15 mm);


with a few minor modifications the distributor of a Daimler V8 (1963-1969) will fit on to the distributor drive shaft.



the original Pal/Magnetron voltage regulator of the dynamo (a single 12V dynamo - not two 6V dynamos as were used on some T603s) can be replaced by a German HUCO, number 13 3505, 14V, 38A.


These are available newly manufactured in the Czech Republic from Aero Service or Ecorra. Alternatively exhaust pipes of a Lada 1200 or standard Bosal can be adapted to fit.


The two fan belts of the T603 are difficult to find in exactly the same size, but the pulleys on the air exhausters can be adapted to fit belts of a slightly different length. One replacement option is a German Optibelt, VB B815 Ld / 17×775 Li B31.


Liquid silicone gasket can be used to replace any size or shape original cork, felt, rubber, paper, asbestos or silicone gasket.


Headlights are the same as on the Citroen 2CV with round headlights.


New ones with TATRA logo are available in the Czech Republic from Aero Service.


Cracked oil coolers that are beyond repair can be replaced by an aluminum replica. You should be able to have these handmade for you by a supplier of car radiators. Make sure the flanges are in line and the right distance apart because there isn't much tolerance for misalignment in the oil way pillars that close to the engine block;


a faulty seal on the oil cooler can also cause leakage. The red cupper rings (3 in picture) have to be replaced every time you take apart the oil coolers because they will only once close off properly. If you can't find the original replacement red cupper rings (3 in the picture) and fiber rings (2 in the picture) - which are only used on the older T603 models - try to use alternative Ø 18/24 mm red cupper rings or silicone rings.


The oil filter does not need to be replaced. It consists of a series of metal filters and can be taken apart for cleaning with some petrol.


The sills can be replaced by a couple of Ford Cortina MkIII panels.


Spark plugs for a T603 F- or G-engine must have a M14 thread, a 175 degree of heat and an electrode distance of 0.7 mm (± 0.1 mm). The T603H-engine requires different spark plugs with a longer thread, because they are fitted directly into the aluminum cylinder head and not in an iron covering tube as used on the T603F and T603G-engine.

PAL 14/175 (originally fitted by the Tatra factory)PAL Super-14-8 (originally fitted by the Tatra factory)
Marelli CW 145 CBOSCH W 225 T 7
KLG F 70Marchal 35 B
BOSCH W 175 T 1KLG F 100
KLG FA 70Champion H 9
Lodge CS 14
Lodge CSN 14
Beru 175/14
Marchal 36
Autolite AL 7
Champion H 9


The starter motor relay can be replaced by that of a Skoda. It will need some modifications to fit. The front part of the relay of starter motor of a Mercedes 190D can be made to fit on the back part of the Tatra starter motor. Don't fit a complete Mercedes starter motor! It turns the wrong way round!


Tyres in the size 6,50×15 or 6,70×15 will fit on the wheels of a T603. These are still commonly available from several tyre manufacturers such as Michelin, Bridgestone, Firestone and Dunlop. Radial tyres are strongly recommended to improve the road holding of the T603. Also you will need to fit inner tubes because the construction of the T603 wheel rims will not allow tubeless tyres.

NOTE: There is a slight variation between the wheels of a T603 with drum brakes (1956-1967) and the wheels of a T603 with disc brakes (1967-1975). This difference can hardly be seen, but does mean the wheels are not interchangeable. If you need new wheels for your T603 make sure you obtain the correct wheels for either the model with drum brakes or disc brakes.


The windscreen wiper mechanism is the same as that of the Lucas system.

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Ecorra builds car prototypes and restores classic cars, including Tatra. Website shows Tatra models T11, T12, T13-30, T30, T57, T75, T87, T97 and T603. Ecorra also supplies new parts for the Tatra models T87, T97, T600 Tatraplan and T603. Parts lists in Czech can be downloaded from their website.

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